This is a guy I fount at Spotify (I find a lot of great musicians trough Spotify, and  I’m very thankful for this, xoxo Spotify <3), his name is SOHN, actually is Christopher Taylor, he is a british musician and released his first album in 2014. I don’t have a clue what music gender he plays, its electronic music mixed with the sense of life, the universe and everything 42. It’s different then everything I ever listened to, and that’s why I’m telling you guys: go listen to his music!!

SOHN – Artifice
Tremors Live

BLMWT #2 – Alessia Cara

Today I’ll talk about Alessia Cara. I knew her through Spotify and the moment I listened to her single, I started to show it all over my all social networks. Anyway, It’s an R & B sound, with some pop reference and a voice that reminds Amy Whinehouse voice’s, so… nice pop + nice R & B + talented girl with awesome voice = SUCCESS! She has some YouTube videos doing some covers and has just released a lot of authorial songs, including Here, that made me scream to the world that Alessia Cara is just awesome!

A little of Alessia Cara for you guys:

Here – Alessia Cara
BLMWT #2 – Alessia Cara

BLMWT #1 – The Expendables

I’ll try once in a while a band/singer that isn’t so famous as it should be, and I think it really worths it to listen to the music :D! The tag will be called BLMWT – Band that I love the most in the World Today.

This week’s band is The Expendables, the band is excellent and the sound is a mix of reggae with skate rock/hard rock that worths at least to hear an album.
And today I found out that they released a new album this year ❤ ❤ <3.
Ps 1: They sound amazing live!
Listen to a bit of The Expendables! Hope you enjoy.

Ps 2: I listened their music for the first time because of Guitar Hero Warrios of Rock, their song was at a free patch of reggae music, right from the unbelievable. I download it with no expectations just to have more songs to play haha.

Lesson of the day: you never know where you’re going to find something awesome!

Guitar Hero song’s – Sacrifice
Down Down Down
New album 😀 – Sand in the Sky
BLMWT #1 – The Expendables