2016 – is it to late now to say sorry?

First of all, happy new year!!!! This is the first post of 2016 :D! (Yeah, I know, it’s almost 2017).

But anyway, I Just want to apologize for not updating the blog, and still didn’t translate some posts, I’ll do it till the end of the year, I swear haha.

And I also want to say what I have planned to do this year. Check it out:

  • I plan to put my personal website on github, but still keep using wordpress for blogging.
  • Keep a median of 4 posts a month 1 post a month (life is hard people), of course starting now haha
  • Write about some stuff I did last year that is not available in here

So, awesome, right? Hope everything works out :)!

Have a good day!

2016 – is it to late now to say sorry?

New Fresh Beginning – Bye bye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

Hey everyone,
The blog now has a new home :D! The new links are mariannelinhares.wordpress.com (EN-US) and mariannelinharesbr.wordpress.com (PT-BR), yes, I’m poor and I don’t have the money to pay premium wordpress. If the blog starts receiving more visitors who knows? Maybe I’ll update it soon!
WordPress it’s easier to use, maintain and update it to a real domain if the blog works out, and that’s why I’ll be using WordPress now. So sorry Blogger, I can’t stay with you anymore, we had a nice time and all, but we can’t fool ourselves anymore.
See you guys on next post, and hope you guys enjoy the new blog’s looks.
Have an awesome day!
New Fresh Beginning – Bye bye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

HelloWorld – because I’m a creative person


My name is Marianne, currently I’m an undergraduate student of Computer Science at UFCG. I’m starting this blog with the following goals:

  1. Help people some way.
  2. Create the habit of writing specially about what I do and like.
  3. Make some good quality materials
  4. Express myself better: I’ll talk about my study field (that’s the focus), but I’ll also talk about other topics, why not?

That’s it I guess… With the time the blog is going to be better defined.  I Hope this can be an awesome experience for me and for you guys!

Have a nice day!

HelloWorld – because I’m a creative person