About Outreachy

Hi everyone,

I’ll be quick in this post, I’ll just talk a little bit about what changed since the last post about Outreachy.


  1. I finished the implementation ( \o/ yeeey), but the code wasn’t merged yet ( :/ not so yeeey), and this was mainly because of the new stable version (Ocata) that started being created at the end of January, so this means no new feature could be merged, but the frozen time has ended, the winter is not coming, so this means the code should be merged soon.
  2. I’ve blogged a little about Mocking, which was a new concept I had to learn in order to make good unit tests for my patch.
  3. I tested my code manually:
    1. ran Hadoop, Spark and Storm jobs with multiple scenarios fixing some bus
  4. And currently, I’m reviewing code and making other contributions to the community (adding code, tests, fixing bugs)!
About Outreachy